Message: "The Audio Engine does no report back to Synfire"

If you get a message similar to this:

The Audio Engine does not report back to Synfire. There seems to be a connection problem. Please ensure you have the correct version of the Audio Engine installed. Also check if your firewall (if any) allows local connections on Quit the Audio Engine manually, if the problem persists. Click OK to retry.

this may indicate the version of the Audio Engine currently installed is not appropriate for the version of Synfire, so they can not talk to each other. This may occur after you re-installed an older version from DVD and the operating system's installer refused to revert the Engine to an earlier version.

Since Synfire and the Engine use their own version numbering, this is difficult to tell from reading file information. The easiest way to fix this is to make sure your installation is complete. On the Mac, if you install Synfire again (run the downloaded installer package once more), this should go away. On Windows, you must uninstall using Window's System Control Panel and then reinstall.

On a Mac, if the problem still persists, please run "Repair Permissions" with Apple Disk Utility and re-install. Possibly the engine was not installed completely, because of folder permission issues.

Also check whether you have Little Snitch, or other firewall software running, that may intercept local IP connections (although this is very unlikely).


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