OS X 10.7 Lion

Previous versions of Synfire Pro (1.2.1 and earlier) and HN2 (2.1.1 and earlier) had problems installing and authorizing on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. Apple have made system wide changes to standard folder ownership and permissions, which breaks our previously used installer which is no longer able to create and write to its application support folders. 

If you need to install one of these older versions on 10.7, please get the latest update.

New versions that install on 10.7 are available for download. Please check your user account.

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Manual Fix

Here's a temporary workaround: Change the file permissions of the following items to allow the installer to create its folders and files:

  1. /Library/Application Support
  2. /Library/Preferences
  3. /Library/Audio
  4. Your startup volume, e.g. "Macintosh HD"

Open the information inspector (Command-I) on each item, unlock the lock and either change the rights of "admin" to "Read & Write", or add youself (by pressing the + button) with "Read & Write" access. This fix will allow you to install, authorize and uninstall the software again. 

Note: The top-level folder /Library is hidden since 10.7. To open it, you need to use the Finder's menu "Goto Folder..." and type /Library into the input box, including the leading /.

Note: There is a bug in the Finder that ignores you adding yourself for two or three times (!) until your addition is finally accepted. Just don't give it up.

[image 1] 

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The following MacOS X releases have now been reworked to install and authorize on 10.7 Lion and are ready for download:

  • hn 1.6.2 #18
  • hn 2.1.2 #11
  • hn 2.1.2 LE #4
  • hn 2.1.2 demo #3
  • synfire 1.2.2 #2
  • synfire 1.2.2 trial #2

Of course you do not need to download any of these, if you are still on 10.6 or 10.5. Waiting for the next official release of HN2 or Synfire Pro is the recommended option then.

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