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Recent Posts

Type Title Authorsort descending Replies Last Post
Forum Upgrade HN le -> HN Advanced edition ? (PK) 1 7 years 4 months
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Forum Synfire One Window Sketch Adin 12 5 years 7 months
Forum Synfire doesn't want to talk to my synth... aerial7 5 3 months 3 weeks
Forum Newbie questions and (potential) issues aerial7 3 3 years 7 months
Forum Absolute pitches in Keyboard view? aerial7 1 3 months 1 week
Forum Problems importing large MIDI files ajoe 4 7 years 11 months
Forum Wish List - Tooltips & Shortcut Keys ajoe 7 years 11 months
Forum Support for Multiple Processors? ajoe 1 7 years 11 months
Forum Phrase Editing Limit/Bug? (Mac) ajoe 2 7 years 11 months


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