Artist Tip: Tomáš Dvořák


This artist amazed me again:  Tomáš Dvořák. Wanted to share this with you.

This music is full of mesmerizing textures and breathing development. Regardless which style of music you are making, you can certainly learn a lot from this artist, especially how he arranges foreground and background to achieve a deep and wide soundscape.

Tomas previously made the soundtrack of the game "Machinarium", which I very much enjoyed playing and listening to. The game's music (full album length) is worth the game purchase alone. Check it out:

Many composers that make remarkable music also play an instrument. Sometimes singers also do compose quite interesting music. It is without doubt that one natural instrument contributes to an otherwise synthetic arrangement what finally sets a piece apart from arbitrary "computer music". Melody does not sound very natural with a synth (which is why most electronic musicians avoid melody where possible). That's a shame, because melody is the actual heart of music, the thing you remember for days and months. There is no electronic substitute yet that comes close to the natural voice or instrument. Think of using at least one natural/acoustic/vocal type of instrument in your compositions. It will make a huge difference.

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