Synfire 1.7


Cognitone updates Synfire Pro and Synfire Express to version 1.7. The entire sound setup and device management was rewritten and the user interface was largely simplified to make sure the Music Prototyping Studio is more intuitive, robust and accessible. Many features were added or improved, making this Synfire the most advanced ever.

Considering the technical progress, this is actually a major version upgrade. As with version 1.5 however, back when plug-in hosting and DAW synchronization were first introduced, we re-labeled this one an "update" once again. Keeping number one as the first digit ensures everyone can enjoy the new features without being required to upgrade licenses. We want to thank all users for supporting this challenging venture. Without you, Synfire would not be possible.

New Features

  • New DAW-like organization of plug-ins, MIDI and devices.
  • Racks: Intuitive module setup with support for presets.
  • Embedded Online Repository: Share device description with others.
  • Embedded Palette: Surf chords and scales inside an arrangement's context.
  • Embedded Library: Keep a creative clipboard with every arrangement.
  • Drop phrases at any target position.
  • Matrix View: Configure your own arrangement overview.
  • Auto-Bass interpretation preset, complementing Auto-Chords.
  • Ability to create a new arrangement off a selected container.


  • Improved channel configuration for devices.
  • Improved phrase pool editor.
  • Improved FX processing in Audio Engine.
  • Allow creation of devices on-the-fly.
  • Maintain multiple global racks more intuitively.
  • Articulations now support sustained key switches.
  • MIDI file import reworked and improved.
  • More colors for containers, rack modules and instruments.
  • Streamlined all major window layouts.
  • More robust Audio Engine.

For a list of the most important bug fixes, please consult this list:

Many setup and configuration videos have already been updated:

From now on, we will focus on tools and workflow improvements for a while. The list of suggestions grew very long and now finally the groundwork is ready to build on. You will also see more tutorials showing interesting new ways to compose with Synfire.

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Last seen 2 weeks 2 days ago

Thanks Cognitone. :)

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Last seen 7 years 4 months ago

Thank you very much for all your hard work!

I've searched far and wide, but there are not other tool like Synfire!


Congratulations for the new version,



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Last seen 3 years 5 months ago


Andre all the video tutorials are awesome!!!! 

Is the best way to know the secrets of the magical synfire

Thank you :)

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Last seen 1 day 6 hours ago

The video announcement:

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Last seen 3 years 5 months ago

Great tutorial Andre  Thank you ;)


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