Synfire 1.7.17 and HN 2.7.9 Updates

The new updates are mainly for bug fixes, macOS Sierra compatibility and ... drum roll ... they come with a new French localization (many thanks to Christian, who did most of the translation). There are other major new features in the making, which will still take some time, but we had to push this update first, in order to get some important changes out.


We would like to encourage our French users to provide some feedback. If you find any issues, feel free to login to the translation project and submit your suggestions.

Example Documents

Example documents that ship with the installation (libraries, palettes, progressions, etc) will now install to the shared documents folder (for all users). This allows for the software to also for regular users, no longer requiring them to be admins. 

In order to avoid confusion after the update, already existing example files will stay where they are. Only after an uninstall with the that ships with your download (Mac only) and a re-install, the new destination will be used. If you choose to do so, please don't forget to move the files you have modified from their previous location to the new one (replace Synfire Pro with any product name here):

/Users/<username>/Documents/Synfire Pro/Examples ->
/Users/Shared/Documents/Synfire Pro/Examples

C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Synfire Pro\Examples ->
C:\Users\Public\Documents\Synfire Pro\Examples

Regular User Accounts

It doesn't probably make much sense to move all your projects to a less privileged user, as you would need to change ownership of all files, which is likely a big hassle. If you feel you really need to switch to a regular user, consider revoking administrator status from your current user and adding a new administrator account instead. 

In any case, if you've been happy with running Synfire as an admin user, there is no need to change it. As said, the regular user thing works fine for those starting from a clean install (no projects yet), but may entail a lot of fiddling if you need to move your own files.

Audio Engine 2.4.1

Many bugs have been fixed and the included ReWire library was updated to 1.8.5. If you had issues with ReWire lately, the update may help.

As always, here's a complete list of changes for Synfire:

And for HN2:

Current System Requirements

Although we made the move to Windows 7 and OS X 10.7 as minimum requirements some time ago already, the apps did still run on selected older systems. I'd like to note that the currenty updates will no longer run under earlier systems. If you still use earlier OS, please stay with your current version until you feel ready to upgrade your OS.


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