Synfire 1.8

We are happy to announce a new version of Synfire, which brings several enhancements and changes that are especially helpful for new and first-time users and some nice goodies that also more experienced users will appreciate.

Now finally we did away with the dependency on the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth, which caused extreme latencies on Windows for the default installation. Version 1.8 now comes with Soundcase, a sample player that is hosted by the Audio Engine. Especially first-time users will no longer have to setup their own plug-ins before they can get started.

The update also features the virtual analog synth Sprike, which it makes use of for some example songs and racks. It sounds really great, so you should definitely check it out. By using the VST formats of Soundcase and Sprike, you can also create arrangements that load and play equally on both Windows and Mac. This will come in handy for workshops and tutorials, too.

Several bugs and annoyances have been resolved with plug-in scanning, device extraction, sound browsing and selection, especially in situations where multiple instances of the same synth are being used. The compatibility for more guest plugins in a Drone has been improved. In this field, there is still some work in progress for further improvements that we expect to arrive with the next point release.

New Default Racks

If you install Synfire 1.8 as an update, you might want to load and test the new default racks that make use of Soundcase and Sprike. You will find them in the Examples folder: From the Audio & MIDI Setup window do a File >> Open and navigate to the folder Documents in the shared users (or: all users) directory. There's a new folder Racks in Examples. You can also use these racks to reset your installation to a clean global rack.

This update is labeled BETA, just as a measure of caution, since under the hood a lot of things have changed that are mostly invisible. If you are in the middle of an important project, you might want to update only after finishing that project. If no issues arise, we will remove the BETA label soon.

A full list of changes is found here.

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