Synfire 1.8.1 and 1.8.2

Today we released version 1.8.1 of Synfire Pro and Synfire Express. As it appears from looking at the numbers, the step from 1.8.0 may seem small. In fact however, big things have changed and been much improved: Devices, for example, are now capable of being used with any number of rack modules at the same time. The duplication of devices is history!


Time to clean up your racks. If you want to use multiple instances of the same plugin, there is no need anymore to duplicate a device, or add "connectors" for that matter (which was difficult to understand anyway). Now a simple Duplicate command (CTRL-D, or Command-D) on your rack module will create another module with the same plugin, preset and device, immediately ready to use.

The same goes for whatever rack module you are setting up. Don't worry about devices. Just select them and you are done. No matter how many modules you would need.

Along with this simplification comes a much easier to use sound browser, that now presents all available instances of a device and indicates if a sound cannot be selected, so you know when to add a new instance of that synth to your rack.


We did away with that awkward notion of a "connector", which was only confusing, and repurposed and renamed it to "variant". As the new name implies, you can add up to four variants to a device if, for example, you created multiple plugin presets for a big sample library, all of which you want to share the device's settings, controllers and articulations.

For other things than that, there is no real use for variants. So if you previously extended a lot of devices with A, B, C or D "connectors", you may want to get rid of them now.

Reset Rack To Defaults

Also noteworthy is the ability to reset your global rack to factory defaults with File >> New, which will either use the default GM synth, or the Soundcase plug-in, depending on whether you have an Audio Engine running, or not.

In addition to this enhancement, many other things have been improved. As always, the full list of changes can be found here:

If you are not yet familiar with 1.8, you might be interested in this announcement, too.

Update 1.8.2

This is a follow up with no new features. It wraps up changes under the hood that required to be published as a separate update due to technical reasons. We still included a few bug fixes along the way.


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