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Cognitone supports the foundation of local Synfire User Groups (SUG). This is an appeal to everyone interested in meeting like minded users in your area and sharing practical experience hands-on.

The growing community of Synfire users now has reached a size that supports large enough clusters at several geographical locations. Users in these areas can meet with their laptops and other equipment for a hands-on workshop, to exchange tips, get questions answered, learn from others by watching them work, or just to make music together.

Users that tried the demo, users of Harmony Navigator and all others interested in learning more about Music Prototyping are also welcome.

For a comprehensive software like Synfire, this practical exchange is very helpful for mastering the learning curve and getting the most out of it. Where possible, every now and then someone from Cognitone will also attend, if you want to get in touch with us directly.

Signalling Interest

This is an appeal to everyone to encourage you to signal interest in a local SUG in your area without any obligation for now. Where a SUG is still in the process of formation, the main goal is to find a location and make appointments for the first meeting. For this, we created a dedicated area in the user forum:

User Groups in the User Forum

In order to get in touch with a group, you simply post a brief hello to the SUG's forum. Then under the link Subscription in the first posting of the thread, tick the box Subscribe to contents of SUG New York(Example). That's all. The rest is being discussed and appointed by the group there.

Geografical Locations

We compiled a list of geographical locations (as of mid 2014) with the biggest clusters of Synfire users. If you live in one of those areas and can not find a SUG there yet, you can start one with a good chance of finding enough members. Please just let us know (post in forum) and we will create a SUG for you in the forum and invite others from your area by email.

Help with Organization

We put together a checklist for organizing a workshop or user group that will be completed and updated over time.

Since the summer vacation season has already begun, you should not expect too much activity before the beginning of September. Keep this in mind when organizing now. We will start promoting SUGs this late summer.

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