Welcome to this newly relaunched website! The updated platform features an improved search function, a cleaner layout that also works on mobile devices and a new index for tutorials, of which new ones will be successively published this fall and winter.

Renewing and improving tutorials, documentation and general communication is a top priority for the next two months. We are pretty sure even experienced Synfire users will discover new things to do with the software along the way.

What else is new? You can add videos and sound files simply by copying their links to the posting. The site will recognize SoundCloud and YouTube links automatically. It's never been easier to share your sounds and videos in the forum or on a Wiki page.

The new tutorial index still includes the old videos, which will be replaced, updated and extended from now on. Same goes for the knowledge base ("Solutions") which will be restructured and reindexed to make it more useful for new users.

If you encounter any hickups or issues, please report them here, thanks. You will also find updates on the progress in that forum.

Please note that all users need to request new passwords once, as the old encrypted passwords is one of the very few things that could not be migrated from the old site.

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