New: Improved Pattern Editor to Come Soon

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New: Improved Pattern Editor to Come Soon

Hi everybody,

according to some passionate user feedback, we're currently working on an improved version of the HN pattern editor. It will no longer be required to copy and paste instrument phrases from other patterns (although this is still be possible). Instead a small phrase library is embedded into the editor directly. Instrument presets can be browsed and picked by simlpy double-clicking on the desired phrase.

Have a look at the preliminary screenshot of the new editor:

Moreover, it will be possible to start a pattern at any position. The main purpose of a pattern, however, still is to bring harmonical ideas to life for inspiration, fun and better judgement (similar to automatic accompaniment machines). HN wasn't built to edit full MIDI arrangements. That's what MPS will do.

The new editor (along with other improvements) will appear in version 1.1.6 after christmas.

Happy holidays!

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Looks nice, really. What kind of presets will be available?

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The initial library will contain all instruments from all currently available patterns, carefully revised and sorted by category.

We are working on additional libraries for various styles. These will be available through automatic online updates later.

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