Synfire 1.10

Synfire 1.10 released today finally completes the transition to 64-bit on all platforms. It includes a migration assistant that helps you convert any 32-bit racks or arrangements you might still have around.

As noted in this discussion, with version 1.10 there will be no more 32-bit audio support. We went to great lengths to make the transition a smooth as possible. When opening an arrangement or rack that is still based on 32-bit audio, a migration assistant will popup, guiding you through the process of selecting appropriate 64-bit equivalents for every plug-in.

If you didn't make the move yet, now is the time to download and install 64-bit versions for all plug-ins you want to use with Synfire. Make sure you install them to a folder that is included with Synfire's search path for 64-bit VST (Windows only). You can edit that path on the Audio tab of the Audio & MIDI Setup window.

Big Libraries

Saving big libraries with the 'Compressed' option checked will now save them in a new format that loads much faster and takes up less space on disk. Beware though, these files cannot be opened with earlier versions of Synfire. We still recommend keeping libraries as small as possible, not bigger than 10 MB (compressed).

A detailed list of changes can be found here, as always.

You'll find the download in your user accounts

For comments or issue reports, please visit this discussion thread.

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