Synfire 1.8.5 and HN2 Updates

The update released today fixes some annoying issues with macOS High Sierra that took us a while to identify and resolve. If you are using High Sierra, we recommend you update as soon as possible. Furthermore, a couple general bug fixes also benefit Microsoft Windows users. The Audio Engine was made more robust against audio interface crashes, for instance.

If you have disabled Native Dialogs on the Mac to avoid crashes on High Sierra, you may now want to enable them again. We were unable to reproduce the crashes on any of our Macs (a very unsatisfying situation), which made the fix a bit of a shot into the dark. Since users already reported the update did fix the problem for them, your best bet is to give it a try and if it doesn't crash on your Mac for a while, consider it solved.

As far as we know, this issue only affected High Sierra and only certain newer hardware.

Updates to HN2 addressing the same problems will also be released this weekend.

As always, you'll find a complete list of changes here:

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Yes, it has that update released had fixed some annoying issues with macOS High Sierra.


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