Synfire Pro 1.6

This update is another step forward. Some new feature enhancements and many bug fixes are included. We feel the software has reached a milestone now. In order to keep the ball rolling, we will now focus on communication for a while. You will see more videos and examples soon. We will also look how to better support new users with getting familiar more quickly with Synfire. This fall we will finally start promoting Synfire actively. 

Here's a brief introduction of the new features:

Plug-in Presets

When creating a preset from the instrument inspector, a dialog pops up now, allowing you to change the new device's name and the name of the preset. A warning is shown if an existing preset would be overwritten. While it is convenient to have dozens of presets, you should be aware that these are loaded into memory on startup (may change in the future). Multi-megabyte presets should be avoided. 

Improved Figure Drawing

The pencil tool got more logical. When drawing a line from A to B, the end of the line is now pointing to the end of the last note. It used to point to the beginning of that note, which caused segments to overlap, when drawing multiple segments in succession. As with any change, you may need a little time to get used to it, but it is worth it.

The gestalt tool now preserves the finer shape of a vector. Instead of flatting its surface out, the original roughness and variety is kept.

There is a new preference setting (set from the "Transform" menu) that eliminates repeated symbols when using the pencil tool. In most situations, melodies sound more natural and rhythmically sound this way.

External Sync Settings

These settings (DAW Transport, ReWire, etc) moved to their own tab on the instrument inspector. Actually they did not have to do much with the Time parameter. You can go there by foot, or call them via Playback >> External Synchronization.

Parameter Blocks Resorted

The ordering and grouping of parameters in the list was optimized. We added a new group "Mix" that mirrors the parameters also shown on the mixer console. May take a while to get used to, but ... you know.

Live Chord Detection

You have probably already seen the video (




For a complete list of changes, see here;

Bild des Benutzers Dying Adonis
Dying Adonis
Last seen vor 4 Jahre 1 Monat

Sweet. Promotion -> more support -> product improvements. This makes me happy.

Bild des Benutzers juergen
Last seen vor 1 Jahr 1 Monat

Promotion -> more support

That's not the usual causal relationship ;)

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