Improvise from laptop screen

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Improvise from laptop screen

hi all (anybody in here?), question:

I want to improvise right from the changing scale patterns on my notebook screen. This looks quite interesting to me. What's the best way to do that? I mean, how do I have the browser play the chords of a particular song?


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Open the progression editor (Window >> Progression or F6) and type in all chords manually using the chord input field.

HN estimates key and scales. You might have to adjust the rhythm, though. This can be done by selecting a predefined pattern from the "Scheme" tab, or by splitting individual columns.

You may pick a particual scale for each chord, if you want.

Now open a fretboard helper (F11), select your instrument's tuning and press PLAY - there we go. Select an appropriare pattern from the menu and adjust the tempo to your needs.

BTW: You may open several chord and scale helpers at the same time.

have fun!

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Ok, thanks. Works fine.

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