Instrument Editor in Drone not working

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Instrument Editor in Drone not working

I have a problem with some weird drone behaviour in Logic.

Every time I stop playback and restart it, the "master" parameter in the drone plugin gets reset to maximum. In the screenshot MODO BASS master volume is set to 2.2 which is the value I need to gainstage te DAW but that goes automatically back to 7 if I press stop and restart playback.

Seems like the drone is not saving the internal parameters?



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Hi Andy, welcome to the user forum.

It looks like a volume controller is sent on playback start. Most likely this is because you set the volume slider for that instrument in Synfire (Parameter: Volume). Also, Synfire will send MIDI controller values if those are set as default for an instrument or sound ("Custom Controllers"). Check those too. Find them on the instrument inspector on the right side of the arrange window.

I'd recommend to control mixing-related controllers from Synfire (if your plug-in responds to them) and only patch-related controllers inside the plug-in itself. 

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