Rack assigning Fixed sound

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Rack assigning Fixed sound

 I made a fixed rack for Halion5 by extracting DD and imported then a midi file

Problem is that all imported instrument are assigned to channel [1] and retain channels as option did not chance this when the arrangement is opened with the assigned rack.

I have trouble with the fixed rack, because it seems that the sounds are pointed to channel 1  and also a empty channel is "in use" while there is no sound assigned done by me ?

Assigning sounds to fixed rack was in the past no problem, has this something to do with the imported midi file ?

I made a reimport ... and look at the sound allication monitor


HALion 5 MYSTIC KINGS RACK (Engine1:10)

 M Ch Usage Grp Sound Client

 1.1 FIX 0 string ensemble From 01 080 Em.mid:String ensemble

 1 FIX 0 string ensemble Global Instruments:Setup (Preview)

 2 FIX 0 female choir From 01 080 Em.mid:Vocalist


In HAlion5 on channel 1 solo ..the string ensemble in the Mystic King rack shows some flickkering and keypressing, but no sound ..


Is it possible to load a library rack and bypassing the sound substitution system from the global instruments ?


The sound will not loading in HALIon5 for the mystic King rack ..this has something to do with the memory
I do have 10 racks now --> is it possible that there sounds loaded in those racks who uses then memory although he racks are not used ?
Then i must disconnect the racks who are not in use in Synfire? ..there is no button with bypass.. i must then remove the Device description temporarily..

I did ,but i doesn't help ..when starting synfire..10 engines are still loading.. i know they take a lot of memory (message) , but then i must disconnect the engines ?
Bypassing some of the engines of the 10 racks seems to b enot possile ..and it becomes now a mess because i cannot restore the original racks ( maybe with a backupfile )
To work only with one rack ?  and i use a 32 bit rack ... i must make a collection of racks and load the one i needed to reduce the memory use
I like to have different collections of racks feeded by different midi styles ...   

I am in the flow of try to make some progress, but this is  a setback.

:-) Houston we have a problem   

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