Exporting and re-importing MIDI files

If you want to export your Synfire arrangement as a MIDI file (for example to edit it at the DAW) and re-import it afterwards into Synfire you should use the option File >> Import >> Standard MIDI File (Using My Private Sounds) to get back the previously used sound assignment.

This video (made with an older version of Synfire, but still true) shows how this feature works:



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Now you can select the device you want to use, and the all instruments  static box.. (SFP build 1.6.4)


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Hi All

Juergen,thanks to your video tutorial,is nice,I appreciate very much,is great to learn more and more about the secrets of the treasure synfire,but i have an imac and in my synfire pro in Instr.-Sound-Type does not appear Private Plugin neither Private Midi.Appears Plug-in,MIDI,Shared Rack and Global Instrument.

You have windows and because of this is different?

Thanks :)


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