Band Jam Trio, no guiro! (from/for Harmony Navigator 2)

_sj Band Trio 02.rtime     (from/for Harmony Navigator 2)

The Combo: Band Jam, stripped down to a trio (piano, bass, drums), and with the drums Figure exported, edited to eliminate the guiro sound, and then re-imported.   

The sonic motiviation here was that I found the repetitive guiro sound annoying, but more generally, this shows that you can export an Instrument from a Sketch (the Drums in this case) by dragging it to your DAW, edit the MIDI in the DAW, export the edited MIDI from the DAW as a .mid file, and then finally import that .mid file using Phrase -> Import into the Take parameter of the original Instrument.

Finally, copy/paste the Take into the Figure of the Instrument and save the Sketch.   Voila, the Sketch is now minus whatever you've edited out!

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Loaded your sketchband in Synfire and by going to the progression tab ..i opened a palette and could play livechords (choose: play this  live ) for the existing 12 chords in a loop.

Knowing what the original chordprogression were.. you can try playing different chords and adding new some instruments?  

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(Harmony Navigator 2 Adv v 2.7.14 Build #1 Windows)

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Yes cool..

In Synfire you can making a convert to a arrangement from the sketchband and easily add more instruments if you like and expand your song

Convert this back from a arrangement  to a sketchband

Ofcourse Synfire is offering more functionalty add a higher price 
If Synfire is overpriced?

Note: band in box has lot of nice songs what can serve a song to start in Synfire

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