Synfire Pro Interface screenshots: windows and dialogs

This document contains screen shots of most Synfire Pro 1.66 build #3 windows and dialogs. It includes instructions about multiple ways to open each element. These come from a Windows 7 environment, so Mac interface elements may look different. This does not include every sub-tab of every window. Obviously, all interface design is copyright Cognitone. As a new user, I find it helpful to have a visual representation to supplement the user manual. I hope others find it useful too.

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Thanks for the comment janamdo. When I report myself as a "new user," I mean really new. Lurked about the forums for a couple of months, tried Harmony Navigator a few weeks, used the Synfire demo for a couple of weeks, and have purchased Synfire Pro less than a week ago. So I'm not a good source for tutorials right now. I don't yet know what a vectorline looks like or if it has a special window that I missed. On the otherhand, I am a natural source for identifying topics mysterious or confusing to new users. When I figure something out, I'm happy to share.

For this first contribution, I found it confusing that so many windows can be opened in so many different ways. Also it seemed to complicate learning when the same thing shows up in many different places. Would I grab the first pathway I notice and miss out on better ones?  For example, I found about seven places that allow adjustment of instrument playing ranges. So my first step was to map out the interface windows and dialogs to make it easier to locate the features.

Now I'm starting to explore the program content, and I'm trying to keep track of keyboard shortcuts (some are not attached to menus). And I'm starting to prioritize which features to learn first. Thanks for mentioning the VSTI sound module.

Having spent the money for the full product, I feel a little like an investor in a small start-up company. When users contribute useful ideas and tools, the start-up company does better, and we all benefit.


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Nice work, but shows not the core feature of Synfire of drawing a vectorline for a parameter !

I like to have the arrangement window in one shot and explain all relevant parts of the screen missed one the most important feature : parameter vectors.

How about a short tutorial as introduction to explain the import of a midi file together with GM device description explained as a start? ( mention that the inbuilt Windows Gm synth is very poor and that you as soon as possible must use a decent GM Vsti soundmodule  (@ Prado mentions in a earlier post a VSTi GM for free? ) 

Enclosed a screenshot of vectordrawing for a phrase parameter


Investigation : how to chance (ways) a phrase for symbolstructure( not the type symbol) ( see menu Transformation ) or a parameterchance ( vectordrawing) 

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Thanks for posting your illustration Janamdo. I can see that an expanded visual explanation approach can be very helpful.

Even with my simple document that just identifies each interface window and dialog, I have found things to add since posting. In the arrange window, a tiny arrow in the parameter inspector area lets us see two tabs that I didn't include yet. And there is another vector edit area available on the mixer tab by double clicking on a parameter. I'll accumulate more over the next few weeks. If I find enough changes, a document update may be worthwhile.

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