HN1 does not start on OS X 10.9 and later

Starting with OS X Mavericks (10.9) Apple unexpectedly changed things with launch services that keep HN1 (Harmony Navigator Version 1) from starting on newer versions of OS X. Since Apple also changed its MIDI system, the output volume of the internal QuickTime synthesizer became extremely silent. 

Since development of HN1 has been discontinued a long time ago already, we were unable to update old code to deal with this issue. As a workaround, you can start HN1 from Terminal. Please run Terminal and enter the following command:

/Applications/Harmony\ -p

Tip: Entry is faster if you type TAB after the beginning of each word: /App (tab) Har (tab) C (tab) M (tab) (tab) -p

To make things easier for you, please find an Automator script attached to this post below that does exactly the same by the click of a button.

Upgrading to HN2

Since HN1 is no longer supported, you may want to upgrade to HN2 Advanced Edition. Alternatively, you can downgrade to HN2 LE (Light Edition) for free. This will also fix the low output volume experienced with HN1 on current versions of OS X.

Please contact support if you wish to make the free downgrade. Note however, that while the Light Edition (LE) works on current versions of OS X, it lacks a few features of HN1 that you might be missing: Harmonizer, Sketches, and Import. If you merely used the palettes and progression editors and do not want to upgrade to Advanced Edition or Synfire later, the free downgrade should be a good solution.


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