No Sound

When somehow your global rack got messed up, chord palettes, progressions and phrases sometimes don't generate any sound anymore when clicked on.

The easiest way to fix this is to restore a clean factory preset rack:

  1. Open Audio & MIDI Setup
  2. File >> New
  3. File >> Save

That will give you back sound again.


For the playback of chord palettes, progressions and phrases, Harmony Navigator and Synfire use six global instruments that are designed to be always available, regardless of how many songs or arrangements you have currently open. It is the job of the global rack to provide the sounds for these instruments. So if that rack somehow got messed up, you might experience the "no sound" situation.

A healthy global rack looks like this, with all indicators for each instrument lit up green:





For the factory rack to use its built-in Synth ("Internal Soundcase"), be sure to enable the Built-in GM Synth:


With Synfire, you have the option to build a global rack based on VST/AU plug-ins. In this case, please enable the Audio Engine, so Synfire can build its factory rack using the Soundcase plug-in instead of the built-in synth (recommended).

On Windows we do not recommend enabling the Internal GM Synth for Synfire, as it might compete with your DAW and the Audio Engine for a limited number of audio output devices.


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