Reinstalling Harmony Navigator 2

When a computer is reinstalled , what is the correct procedure for reinstalling Harmony navigator.

I have tried deactivating and also not deactivating, but the result is always  the same. You don't seem alowed to reinstall the software on any computer (PC or Mac) for a second time as it will only authorise one time , then installation is permently discarded.

I have now run out of alternative computers to reinstall on as I have been doing in the past. Windows when used with lots of music software programs especially, is not a very stable o/s and i need to reinstall the operating system every few months.

What should i have done when i reinstal to get the program up and running back on the same computer, and what should i do now.

It's a pity it is not like Synfire that uses the Ilok method of protection, saves a lot of hassle.

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Reinstalling on the same OS and computer should just work and does not eat an extra install count (you have two install counts per license, i.e. you may run the software on up to two computers at the same time). If it still eats one of your install counts, the installer thinks it's a different computer (upgraded to new OS, for example).

If you have consumed all install counts, you can discard one that you will never need again in your user account, for example if you sold your computer, or forgot to deactivate the sowftare on an obsolete version of your OS.

Or just deactivate an installation that you currently don't use, which you can activate again later.

If that doesnt help, please contact customer support and ask for a reset of an installation that you accidentally lost. 


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