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Propellerhead Folder Permissions Fix (Mac)

Author cognitone

This content is for an older version of Synfire. The current version is more streamlined and advanced, but most of the functionality shown here still exist.

This shell script fixes file and folder permissions in the Propellerhead Software folder. Use this in case some other software installer has messed with the permissions and you can no longer install or update Synfire Pro. This script is meant as a workaround until we will have changed the installer to ask you for admin privileges and make these modifications automatically.

NOTE: This file is for MacOS X only.

How To

1. Unzip the file "" and copy it to your desktop

2. Open (use Spotlight, if necessary)

3. Copy/paste the following line into the terminal and hit enter (without the #):

chmod +x ~/Desktop/

4. Copy/paste this line too and hit enter:


You must be logged in as a user with admin privileges, the same user that is also running Synfire Pro.