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Adding chords

Ok in the progression window if i want to add a chord i can choose from a list or type in Am7. This is very cool but as a beginner it would be nice to be able to select the notes on a virtual keyboard as well which then diplays the name of the chord & lets you add it. At the moment i use a program called nutchord to do this its very handy because iv no idea what the chords im playing are called but once i know it helps with progressions. If this feature was built in it would save me using nutchord.

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Hi rossiko,

If you got a MIDI keyboard, connect it to HN and check "MIDI Input" + "MIDI Live" switches in the palette window. If you now play the chords on your keyboard, all matching chord names will hilite.

In the full version, you can capture what you've played "live" with REC and use the progression right away.

This works best when the palette is showing the key you are playing (more chord alternatives lite up). If you have no idea what the key is, REC your progression and have HN guess the key for you (right-click "Estimate Key, Relations and Scales").

In the demo (no REC available), you can add chords in the palette window while playing "live" (make sure "View>>Show Progression" is on). Simply drag the highlighted chord of your choice to the desired position in the progression (left margin of the dragged box = insertion position).


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ok thanks thats great
i guess i should really read the manual. :)

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