Can users import their own midi patterns?

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Can users import their own midi patterns?

I assume that this is possible, but the demo only mentions updating the playback patterns via web updates.

Can users import their own MIDI files and use them as playback templates?

Thank you.

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Last seen 4 years 2 months ago

Currently the creation of new custom patterns is limited to

a) Copying instrument phrases from other patterns
b) Recording / importing melodic phrases

Importing MIDI files still involves several yet unsolved problems (i.e. manual editing and postprocessing of the internal notation system is required). Such an editor is not included with HN, because it's too comprehensive and complicated for a small harmony tool).

Although HN is not intended for MIDI production (that's what MPS was made for), we're discussing internally how to make it easier for the user to build up a custom pattern repository.

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