General Midi device description not working for HALion

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General Midi device description not working for HALion

It seems to be not working anymore ( it did in the past ), when i make a midi device description for HALion5 32/64 bit for the global sounds, but it is also be used for General Midi sounds in a arangement.
A demo file arrangement demo 1 is normal working with GM sound device description.
Can this be fixed ?


Ok, i first open the embedded library and" use global instrument" it seems that the GM sounds are assigned to the library, than i go to the global instrument tab ( a clumsy name because there is also present a global rack .. a little bit too much global here) and use reset to defaults and get the global sounds assigned to a General Midi device description

Directly assigning the General MIdi device description to he global sounds without first assigning them to the library seems to be not working..that is why i start this thread.
Problem is solved but not is working again. 



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