Harmonize function: Why 2 same notes don't trigger a chord?

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Harmonize function: Why 2 same notes don't trigger a chord?


I noticed one strange behavior. For better understanding please use this example file:


-- Import it in accompaniment
-- Go to Harmonize...
-- Set Recognize, set (any) scale
-- Press harmonize function

Check what happens at third note. There is no chord. Instead a single note is played.

By inspecting in sequencer i can see that instead of creating a third chord, the second one was extended - thus no "retrigger" effect. In other words, chord 2 and chord 3 are merged.

Is it possible to set Harmony Navigator to trigger a chord on each note, without regarding if it is the same pitch as the previous one (i.e. two same notes)?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Steven,

with these few notes only, the harmonizer can hardly guess a harmonic context, so it will need a little help from you: Go and insert chord change positions ("Transitions") where you want it to create a selection of suggested chords to choose from. Then visit each transition and pick the chord you like best.

It's true that HN merges identical chords by default, at least the harmonizer does this. You can disable this in the "Interpretation" parameter of the pattern. IIRC, it's called "Tie notes" or similar (I'm not in the studio right now).


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