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Which will be better for composing songs?

At the moment i'm just using the chord palletes to trigger my seq.

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Depends on what you mean by "composing" a song. If that's traditional songwriting, i.e. you actually want to put chord changes and a melody together and then "render" the music with your band or on your own instrument, HN is all you need.

HN can also generate and export MIDI accompaniments. You might want to render your chord changes A, B and C with a pattern of your choice (or three different patterns), import the MIDI files into a sequencer and do the arranging an mixing there.

If you want to create original and very personal pieces of music and stay in control of every detail (and probably not even use a sequencer anymore), MPS is what you are looking for. MPS has virtually no limits w.r.t personal creativity and productivity, but it is also extremely comprehensive and demanding. Pro-level in all regards.


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how are you triggering your sequencer? sounds interesting. do you use midi yoke? VST? Cubase? I'd be interested in your setup.

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Hm. IMHO, Harmony Navigator and Music Prototyping Studio are completely different things (although HN is integrated with MPS).

I always thought that putting them side by side in a product comparison chart was a bad idea (we should change that). At least the chart must not suggest that MPS is some sort of "HN Plus X". In fact, HN is a set of features taken from the huge MPS repertoire and put into an affordable, entry-level product.

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