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Import midnam XML

I imported XML for my Roland JV2080 but it looks like all sounds are assigned to the root instrument. The list of banks also shows other banks (probably expansion packs), which I don't have. Did I miss something?

Any help appreciated.

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Me also discovered that XML midnams don't contain instrument categories :cry:

I found it relatively easy though, to drag the sounds to their respective places in the instrument tree. Takes a few minutes and there you are. Without categorization, you end up with an almost unusable synth device. This is also mentioned in the troubleshooting guide: [url=]Read here[/url]

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Don't forget the ranges. The defaults do it well for GM, but if you have some exotic hardware, you should also revise the ranges.

Cognitone should provide an upload or file sharing area here, so users can share their device defs more easily.

Just my 2c.

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Meanwhile I managed to register my JV2080 incl. categories. It wasn't that hard. Drag and drop is quite convenient here. Thanks for your advice.

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