Incredible chords changes

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Incredible chords changes

Wow! That new live playing feature makes me find changes I never dreamt of :D Check this out: Press a minor second and hold it. At the same time make a bass note an octave below move in halftone steps downwards. The resulting chords are weird.

Thanks for thsi great feature!

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I tried this, but I'm not quite sure if it works somewhat different with the latest 1.2.2 version. Here's an example:

1) open palette A Minor
2) constantly hold down keys F and A on the keyboard
3) wander downwards 2 octcaves below: D, C#, C, A#, A
4) close progression with G -> E7 (dominant)

Gives this really great progression:

Dm | C#aug | C6(add4) | Bm7(b5) | A#m(maj7) | Am(#5) | G9 | E7

Sounds absolutely uncommon and cool. Reminds me somewhat of "Hotel California" ;-)

BTW: I used the pattern "Sky High".

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Nice progression. Czesanne uploaded an example of how it sounds (MP3 500Kb)

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:shock: Wow that sounds really unique. Although, it isn't anthing close to "Hotel California" (you must be joking) Reminds me more of a psycho movie soundtrack.


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