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Scale locking to white keys feature?

I know this is possible with ChordSpace Playa, but wouldn't it be amazing if we could have an option in HN where we could have the white keys on the keyboard locked into whatever the current scale is?

I know that C Major is all white keys, and that's great if we're only jamming in C Major.

This would be a cool idea for jamming, and many of us don't know a lot about scales, but this would give us a great neat tool for beginners to jam with. That way we could then slowly learn how a scale sounds. This would be good for training youngsters as well, since they can just play the white keys and have something that sounds musically correct in that scale. When they want to get better skills they can simply wean themselves off the locking mode and use the standard chromatic mode.

This is such a great idea for live MIDI input. I could imagine the fun I'd have experimenting with different scales.

I'm wondering if this has already been considered?


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When they want to get better skills they can simply wean themselves off the locking mode and use the standard chromatic mode.

They won't do it once their motivation to master something more complicated is spoiled :roll:

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That sounds like a nice idea.

I see a few critical things, however: Scales start from the chord root. If the chord root jumps up and down in the progression, the scales do the same. This will cut a smooth melody played on the "white keys only" into pieces with heavy pitch leaps.

Anyway, the idea is lovely. Although I don't think its very intuitive if the sound being heard moves completely different from the keys being pressed. This could be confusing.


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As someone who already has Chordspace Playa, I agree that this feature would be fantastic in HN. I'm currently playing around with the demo and deciding whether or not to buy, but if it could lock keys to scale there wouldn't be any decision for me to make.

For me it's not so much about live performance, but rather that it's so easy to doodle around and experiment once I'm happy with the chords. It's a great way for the musically ignorant like me to put together melodies, bass lines, etc.

Looking at the MPS video, that looks like it could take that kind of experimentation way beyond something as simple as this, but for HN I think having that kind of command over scales would really expand what users could produce. Whether or not it might sound a bit patchy played live doesn't change the fact that it would allow users to easily come up with all sorts of new ideas to accompany the chords and patterns built into HN.

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I see, this looks like an interesting feature, not too difficult to implement.
I already put it on our list.

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Sorry to bump this old thread but I have to agree that this would be a lot of fun. I see now that it's in the 'Pending' section of your site.

Any idea when this could be available?


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Just my two cents:

I have this feature on my Yamaha DGX620 Keyboard. It works (too) well but is not fun at all, because all sounds nice and there is no motivation at all to understand, WHY it sounds nice. When you happen to find yourself in a music store next time, just try it out. So for me - honestly spoken - there are many other features with a far higher priority, e.g. a rock solid accompaniment mode, which (I again quote my keyboard) doesn't lose beat under no circumstances


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