Whats your go-to workflow?

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Whats your go-to workflow?

For me its importing a wav  file into melodyne, exporting the chords and importing the chords into synfire. from there I start assigning a pad to the chords and create melodies on top by either importing from the libary or by drawing them in by hand. I start to drag n drop the harmony parameter into the figure to edit the chords. I ether start to assigning vsts or keep everything to piano. 

I recently found out that you can use drums as meldies to create great techno song but they only make sense as accompaniment as they are to simple for melodies. 

I still struggle very much in assigning registers to instruments. Its very hard to layer the instruments on top of each other as its not clear to me how high the notes will be played just from assigning instruments. also dragging the key selection up or down makes the instrument just sound weird.  I solved it by using one piano track and making the arrangement inside this one track. 

that also solves the rythm problem for me as its really hard to for me to get everything in rhythmic sync. assigning rhythms from drums to figures always destroys the figure. 

most of the time I create a very simple melody on top of chords or a pure piano track in one track in synfire (so all is rhytmically correct and on the right register) and import that into logic to cut it into individual instruments that do not interfere with each other and then work from there. 

recently I started to create all figures in orb-composer so the rythm and the registers will be correct and I can import them to synfire and work from there to add more variation and with other parameters orb-composer does not provide. At the end I will most of the time end up in logic to use stuff like the freeze funktion and the great drum composer. 

whats your go-to workflow? 

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