Workflow - What are your expectations and usage patterns?

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Workflow - What are your expectations and usage patterns?

In the german forum, a guy named Max brought up a really interesting question: What kind of workflow is actually suggested for HN? How do I get started, how do I move towards a result (what kind of result?), and finally, what can be done with the result?

Although these topics are covered by the user manual, boiling them down to a few bullet points might help new users getting started easier.

I'll post a few typical workflow models here. However, I'm very curious what kind of workflow our users actually have in mind and if/how these approaches can be realized with the software (or future versions of it).

Feel free to post your ideas here!


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Hm. Interesting question. I just play the palettes and that's it. Often I have many of them open at the same time.

Being able to get an idea of how all the chords actually sound together is a great achievement for me (Im not good at playing myself, at least not with all these wonderful chords!).

I don't consider harmony navigator a tool for arranging complete songs. If I got my chord changes done, that's all I currently need. I havent' yet tried to make use of the midi export. Maybe I'll use some of the accompany patterns for my next demo.

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