Arranging a Song: Part 2

Learn how to use containers to structure a song by altering harmony and phrases temporarily.

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Very good, but I wish you'd slow down a little and perhaps narrate as well to explain what you're doing?  Maybe it's just me but I found it very difficult to follow what you were doing so quickly.  I had to keep pausing and re-winding but I just can't keep up!


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Last seen 5 months 2 days ago

Fascinating,ohhhhh i love your video tutorials,are the true treasure secret of the magic of Synfire.Thanks to your effort ;))))

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Last seen 7 hours 3 min ago

In an attempt to keep the total playing time under 20 minutes, the demonstration is in deed a bit fast at times. As long as the overall workflow comes across, the individual tweaks and clicks are not that critical. I'm glad there is a pause button. Viewing in HD also helps a lot.

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Good for learning.. i compare this with a earlier video : a nested container with a name of a  songsection and inside a pause container, but this video arranging 2 has not a songstructure notation .. perhaps i can combine both video's 

Modulation is used from Amin to Gmaj, the dominant chord of Gmaj is Dmaj this is a pivot chord ..Amin ends on a D chord for the intro progression and goes further with a Gmaj as startingchord for the chorus ( now you have a V-I connection to establish the new key Gmaj ).

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I should have a chance to watch them later today.

I download them onto my Tablet, so I can pause to take notes, repeat parts, and I'm not tied to the computer to watch them.

I'm glad they're pretty fast so I don't spend time re-watching things I already understand.

I'd rather have a dozen fast videos, than 3 or 4 slow ones.

Keep crankin' Andre



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Last seen 7 hours 11 min ago

I really like this two part tutorial on arranging with Synfire.

Dankeschön, Andre.

Now I'd wish to see some tutorials (or maybe written explanations or manual addenda) on features that aren't extensively covered in the manual.

I know I'm asking like a child... but here's just some example questions (I've lots more of them)

- How exactly do the figure segment attributes work and interact with respect to the outcome? ("Anchor", p. 97)

- How to use the Interpretation parameter for reading the anchor values? Which choice is more appropriate in what musical situation? Why? ("Priority", p. 18, p.190)

- What am I doing wrong when harmonization always suggests chords that are just plain wrong?

(page numbers refer to english Synfire User Manual, 8th Edition)

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Last seen 5 months 14 hours ago

Awesome. Thank you.

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