Migrating Configurations After Upgrade

How to move your existing configuration and projects to an upgraded installation.

This procedure is for switching to a new major version or a new product only, e.g. from Synfire Express to Pro, or HN2 LE to HN2 Advanced Edition. Minor version updates published for the same software are not affected.

If you move from, say, Harmony Navigator 2 to Synfire Pro, you will want to keep your saved palette customizations, libraries, colorings, tunings, devices, racks, sketches and songs. These files are not automatically copied on installation (because the installer doesn't know from which version you are upgrading), so you will need to copy them by hand.

Your personal configurations and projects are stored in your computer user's Documents folder under Harmony Navigator 2 (for example). An equivalent folder was created for the upgraded software in the same place (Synfire Pro, for example). 

Simply copy the contents of the following folders inside that folder to the same location inside the new folder:


  • Songs: All your files, unless you stored them elsewhere
  • Libraries: All your files
  • Patterns: All your files (sketches)

There is no fixed location for Tonality Catalogs. If you created your own, you can copy them, too.


  • Config / Devices: All files, except Internal_SoftwareGMSynth.device
  • Config / Racks: All files, except CurrentRack.cogsetup (rename it before copying)
  • Config / Layouts: If you created your own palette layouts
  • Config / Tunings: Only if you created your own instrument tunings
  • Config / Coloring: Only if you created your own palette coloring schemes

Other files should not be copied, as the upgraded software has its own versions of them, which may not be compatible. 

CAUTION: Do NOT copy the Config folder or other folders as a whole, as that would replace their contents entirely.

Note that files created by a higher version of the software can not necessarily be read by a lower version. Therefore you should keep a backup of your old files.

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