Replacing the QuickTime GM Synth on OS X

Due to some undocumented changes since OS X Lion (10.7) the built-in QuickTime GM Synth turned extremely low in volume and got noisy and even a bit distorted.

With Synfire, this can be worked around by using the equivalent DLSMusicDevice AudioUnit as a replacement. This video shows how to do so. Two alternative solutions are demonstrated:

  1. Using DLSMusicDevice on your global rack (recommended)
  2. Using DLSMusicDevice in an individual project/arrangement

NOTE: The GM Synth is meant as a last resort only, in case a particular kind of sound can not be found elsewhere (so you at least hear something meaningful when, for example, you play a standalone phrase from a library). You will probably not want to use this synth for any of your real projects. Therefore we recommend adding it to your shared rack "just in case" and not bother dealing with it anywhere else.

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