Connecting HN with VSTi's

There are already several videos from Cognitone about the sound setup for Harmony Navigator:

Here is an additional video that also may be helpful. It demonstrates how to connect Harmony Navigator with VST instruments which are hosted at Cubase. The connection between HN and Cubase is done via the MIDI loopback driver loopbe30, which comes with HN2 advanced. 

In the video there are used two VSTi's simultaneously, the Halion Sonic and the Aria player (Garritan Sounds). Both are multitimbral. The Halion Sonic is used in General MIDI mode and the Aria player is used in direct MIDI channel mode. 


The following steps are done in the video:

1. Import  MIDI file and play it with the Windows GM Synth.

2. Connect the instruments to a VSTi (HALION Sonic), which is hosted at Cubase.

3.  Reconnect one of the instruments at HN to a second VSTi, also hosted at Cubase.


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