Maximum Flexibility with MIDI Import

For MIDI File Import, you basically have three options how to proceed, depending on the level of detail and control you want to get:

Import With Default Settings

This is the most convenient and quickest procedure: You simply rely on the default settings and press the Import button immediately. This is fine to get started quickly, although after the import, you may notice that some results may not always match your expectation. After the import, you have the option to select the Take parameter and redo figure recognition with different settings until the results best match your needs. 

Since the import can take a long time, this is fine if there are only few tracks that need individual adjustment.

Import With Individual Settings

Before running the import, you can select tracks and adjust figure recognition settings individually in advance.

This is best if you already know the file and how to best import it.

Import All Tracks Static

By enabling the switch "Static Pitches On All Tracks", Synfire will import all tracks using the "Input For Harmonizer" or "Drums & Effects" preset (depends on the sound). This is very fast. The imported arrangement will have all Figure parameters populated with the brown Static Pitch symbols [p]. After the import, you have the option to perform figure recognition with different settings for selected instruments that you want to follow the harmonic progression.

This is helpful only if you want to keep most tracks of the imported file unchanged, that is, not following the harmonic progression. 

Import Without Creating Figures

By disabing the "Create Figures" and enabling the "Keep Takes" switch, you can run a very fast import and postpone the figure recognition procedure until after the import. For each imported instrument, you can select the Take parameter then, and experiment with different figure recognition settings. You can repeat this step until you are most satisfied with the results. 

This is the most flexible import workflow, although you need to run the figure recognition for each imported instrument manually.

Important Things

Regardless which of the the above procedures you choose, you must take care of the following things:

  • Sound Assignment: Before you start the import, be sure you assigned a sound to each track that is at least similar to the original. This influences the interpretation and figure recognition settings. Press the "Change" button next to the sound name to assign a different sound.
  • Harmonic Content: Be sure you disable the "Harmonic Content" switch for tracks that container percussion, drums or other non-tonal data. Note that even if you import a single track only, the other tracks tagged with "H" do still contribute to the tonal analysis of the file, which much improves the result.
  • Unselect tracks you don't need: (Double-click on track) This greatly speeds up the import.

For more tips and instructions, please read the "Import" chapter of the user manual.


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