[note: The impetus for this page came when I was brand new to Synfire. I wanted a more structured step-by-step process for learning how to use the product in general. Not specific to any genre of music. My vision is to have a generic syllabus for Part I and then a variety of genre-specific sections for Part II. -- Tinjaw, July 5, 2020]

  1. Introduction of Concepts

    1. Overview

      1. If you have not already done so, stop now and watch these two videos in this order.
        1. Composing @
        2. Synfire: Technology & Features Overview @
      2. Figure
        1. What is a Figure? A good way to think through a figure initially, is that the 'staff' it's written on is temporarily set to a specific scale, and that its middle is set to a specific root, that's been determined by the harmony parameter. Then Synfire shifts it about accordingly to fit within the instrument range, avoid dissonance with other 'staffs', and taking into account the high, medium, low pitch setting for that particular phrase.
        2. Once you've grasped that, then start to tackle the interpretation parameter. This bad boy will increasingly edge your figure to conform to the harmonic hierarchy of the temporary scale your figure is in.
        3. Then think about the vertical and horizontal coloration of your phrase. If it's vertical then it will slide about with the changing root note of your harmony 'chord'. If it's horizontal, then it will conform to the closest notes still available as the harmony changes, or the closest strong harmonic notes if your have a strong interpretation setting.
      3. Harmony
        1. What is a Harmony?
  2. Phrase
    1. What is a Phrase?
  3. Parameter
    1. What is a Parameter?
  4. Container
    1. What is a Container?
    2. Implementation

      1. Figure
        1. How to import a Figure.
        2. How to create a Figure from scratch.
        3. How to edit an existing Figure.
      2. Harmony
        1. How to import a Harmony.
        2. How to create a Harmony from scratch.
        3. How to edit an existing Harmony.
      3. Phrase
        1. How to import a Phrase.
        2. How to create a Phrase from scratch.
        3. How to edit an existing Phrase.
      4. Parameter
        1. How to import a Parameter.
        2. How to create a Parameter from scratch.
        3. How to edit an existing Parameter.
      5. Container
        1. How to import a Container.
        2. How to create a Container from scratch.
        3. How to edit an existing Container.
  5. Genre-Specific Tips and Tricks

    1. EDM

    2. Orchestral

    3. Song Writing

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I like to see a introduction how Synfire roughly works and a mainscreen with important parts of how to handling things

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