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Akai EWI-USB Control


Cognitone has released Akai EWI-USB Control, a utility software for the wind controller hardware EWI-USB from Akai Professional. The tool provides controls for all the hardware's parameters and allows for saving frequently used presets to disk. This way a player can keep multiple settings for different setups. The tool is available for free.

Akai EWI-USB Control can be chained between the controller hardware and a sequencer or synthesizer software in order to filter the MIDI data stream in real-time. Four different key switches can be assigned to individual hardware sensors and trigger specific sound articulations this way.

Synfire Pro 1.6

This update is another step forward. Some new feature enhancements and many bug fixes are included. We feel the software has reached a milestone now. In order to keep the ball rolling, we will now focus on communication for a while. You will see more videos and examples soon. We will also look how to better support new users with getting familiar more quickly with Synfire. This fall we will finally start promoting Synfire actively. 


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