Another competitor?

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Another competitor?

Has anyone yet seen this?

Looks like another competitor for Synfire has emerged...

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It's not yet available, but the screenshots look beautiful. I couldn't find a hint of anything that resembles notes or symbols, though. Just blocks. From its feature descriptions, it seems to be generating music automatically from settings like style, darkness, contrast, tension and such, structuring it into sections that represent question vs. answer, etc. It's a nice concept, but given this extreme level of automation, it will probably boil down to whether you like what it composes for you, or not (built-in styles). It remains to be seen how much individual expression it will support, or if most of a style's output will sound somewhat similar.

By its appearance and claims, interested users will be inclined to compare it directly to Synfire, but it's really an other kind of tool with a completely different approach: Synfire let's you retain control, down to the level of creating, re-purposing and transforming existing material of any kind. The idea of Synfire is to build up from the ground, rather than filling-in a structure from the top with style-generated music.

That said, generative elements are still a nice thing to have, if only to quickly get something refreshing to play around with. We are working on that already for a while  (including the generation of song structures, but not limited to built-in styles). We would never sacrifice the powerful workflow freedom of Synfire for automatically generated music. Therefore, using generators and transformators will always be optional, not mandatory.

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