Yamaha Psr-a3000 and synfire integration

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Yamaha Psr-a3000 and synfire integration

Hi my friends. I bought yamaha psr-a3000 keyboard. I want to use its sound in synfire pro. First of all ;audio midi set up I saw my keyboard as a digital workstation. And I choosed. After I added new instrument with sound selection wizard. I added external midi. But I think I made something wrong afterthat. I choose mnb and lnb sound. But I couldnt success any sound in synfire pro. Can you help me please? Thank you all forum people.

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If you want to use a multi-timbral external synth, the Sound Selection Wizard is only good for basic program selections. For any device that requires MSB/LSB bank selection, you are better off with creating a device description (DD) that lists all available voices.

Alternatively, you can use the instrument inspector to add MSB/LSB information per each sound as needed.

We do have midnam XML files for PSR-8000 and PSR-9000 that could be converted to a DD easily, but those might not help with your specific synth. If you can find a Cubase Parse File, or midnam XML file for your synth anywhere on the net, let us know. We can create a draft DD off of that.

Here's a complete list of voices for your synth: 

Also, if you are on Windows, please regard the following tips regarding USB drivers:



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