Knowledge base (KB) of solutions, explanations and workarounds concerning technical issues with installation and setup of Cognitone software. If you are looking for step-by-step instructions on how to use the software, please visit the Tutorials section.

Title Authorsort descending New
HN1 does not start on OS X 10.9 and later andre
OS X 10.7 Lion andre
Message: "Initialization Error. Code -7" (Windows) andre
Message: "The Audio Engine does no report back to Synfire" andre
Virus Warnings Installing Synfire (Windows) andre
Using Synfire and DAW on same ASIO device andre
Drone VST not showing up in DAW andre
Drones not showing up in Synfire ("Online" indicator on) andre
MIDI output not sent to external MIDI port (Windows) andre
Folder on disk appears empty where it is not (OS X) andre
Drone in my DAW not showing up in Synfire andre
Propellerhead Folder Permissions Fix (Mac) andre
E0543 error with windows 7 ANEXPRESSION
Unhandled exception: Permission denied (OS X) cognitone
Problems With MIDI Input (Windows) cognitone
Synfire 1.7.4 quits immediately after starting cognitone
Reinstalling Harmony Navigator 2 gzappa
Message: "Failed opening MIDI system" on startup (Win7/64) housekeeper
Message: "You can't open the application because it may be damaged or... housekeeper
Message: "Error: Sharing Violation" (Windows) housekeeper
Sound Setup: I Can't Hear Anything housekeeper
Uninstalling The Software Manually housekeeper
Message: "Failed opening MIDI system" on startup (Win7/64) housekeeper
OS X 10.8 Message: "The app can't be opened, because it is from an... housekeeper
Windows: Computer suddenly reboots during installation housekeeper
Installation doesn't start or crashes half way through housekeeper
Mouse pointer corrupted on high DPI screen (Windows) housekeeper
Drone VST does not show up in my DAW housekeeper
Message: "Error: Sharing Violation" during Install/Uninstall (Windows) housekeeper
Hanging Notes housekeeper
Message: "Failed opening MIDI system" on startup (Win7/64) housekeeper
Program won't start. No messages shown, nothing happens at all housekeeper
Message: "Error -5000 while verifying your authorization" (Mac) housekeeper
Message: "User lacks sufficient permissions to run Synfire Pro" (or... housekeeper
Message: "[E0543] The MIDI subsystem configuration failed" (OS X) housekeeper
Instruments don't sound like expected housekeeper
Computer suddenly reboots during installation (Windows) housekeeper
No sound in Sonar when triggered from Synfire jupiter6
Installer hangs for minutes (OS X) keith_phillips
Tempo Map Resolution petearch
MIDI playback very quiet on OS X 10.7 (Lion) supertonic

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