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Folder on disk appears empty where it is not (OS X)

On OS X, when opening a folder, the list of files may not always refresh immediately. Only after selecting the same folder again, its contents become visible. This confusingly suggests a folder is empty where it is not.

This happens not on all installations of OS X. A pattern where and why it happens is yet unclear. We are looking for possible fixes.

Workaround: If you encounter a folder that looks empty, go back and forth to select the same folder again. This will make all files appear.

OS X 10.8 Message: "The app can't be opened, because it is from an unidentified developer"

Affects OS X 10.8 and Later: You may see a message warning you that the downloaded package "is not from an identified developer". You can safely ignore it. Cognitone uses a packaging method (multiple packages bundled) that is currently not recognized by Gatekeeper. The actual software being installed is properly digitally signed and registered with Apple.

Message: "Error -5000 while verifying your authorization" (Mac)

This message indicates that one or more folders on your Mac have restrictive permissions that hinder Synfire from looking up system information. On a clean OS X installation, this should not happen. For whatever reason, the default permissions were modified on your system. A -5000 error is an Apple OS X message that is not solely related to Synfire. It can occur with any application.

Message: "You can't open the application because it may be damaged or incomplete" (Mac)

If you happen to get the message "You can't open the application because it may be damaged or incomplete" when starting HN2 or Synfire Pro on a Mac, you should do the following:

  1. Be sure you are logged in with a user that has admin rights.
  2. Run Disk Utility's "Repair Permissions" on your startup volume.
  3. Reinstall the Cognitone software.

We do not know yet why this happens in the first place, but it seems to happen to a few users every now and then. We were unable to reproduce the message on any of our Macs.

OS X 10.7 Lion

Previous versions of Synfire Pro (1.2.1 and earlier) and HN2 (2.1.1 and earlier) had problems installing and authorizing on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. Apple have made system wide changes to standard folder ownership and permissions, which breaks our previously used installer which is no longer able to create and write to its application support folders. 


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