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Corona Chorale - Polyphonic piece for piano 4 hands - Alpho van Cets - Op.20 ©2020

Autor Alpho

This is an attempt to compose a polyphonic piece, suitable for piano 4 hands, playable, and with a score. Using a combination of music programs: the Music Prototyping program Synfire (Cognitone), together with Cubase (Steinberg) and Dorico (Steinberg).


Workflow: Starting with an original melody (derived from a birth date). And then with an iterative, circular, lets-hear-what-happens process of playing, building a structure, varying, harmonizing and fine-tuning. And this with the help of, alternately, Synfire, Cubase and Dorico, some old harmony theory books and a lot of manual work. Dorico adding finesse and making a printable score.
Evaluation: Synfire is an usefull, not the first ideal, tool for the stated purpose within a set of multiple music programs.
[* Personal note: I dedicated this piece to my son because now while working at a regional health service during Covid-19, he was under great stress. And because playing the piano 4-hands together was not possible for a while, he could play this at home in duoplay and preview the result here. ]
[* Tech Note: Previous embedding in the Cognitone/Synfire forum of an earlier version of this video failed. Apparently because Cognitone/Synfire Forum doesn't want to load certain YouTube addresses automatically. I then deleted my own video from YouTube and re-uploaded it, with a automatically different YouTube address. After that it was embedded. - See post:

(https://users.cognitone.com/topic/technical-forum-issue-video-embedding…) ]