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Artikel über alles, was mit Musikkomposition im Allgemeinen und Synfire im Besonderen zu tun hat. Wenn du Musik zeigen willst, Ideen zu diskutieren oder Workflows zu teilen hast, kannst du noch heute einen Blogbeitrag schreiben. Finde alle Blogeinträge eines Benutzers, indem du auf seinen Benutzernamen oder sein Avatarbild klickst.

Taking Back The World

By andre

Now it's time for Pop. I've written this song many years ago with an early version of Synfire, long before it became available to the public. Today Synfire is way more powerful (...)


Suite Coloma by Jorge Codina

By Jorge.Codina

The Coloma family ruled the county of Elda (my hometown) for more than 200 years (16th and 17th centuries). Not only they were a fundamental part of the history of the town (...)


Some advertisement for Synfire on Youtube

By AndreasHe

Hello Andre, as I am a fan of your software, I want to help to make it more popular and started creating videos for it on youtube. Will also think about instagram (...)


The Pale Rider (file attached)

By andre

I have no idea why the rider is pale or where and why she's actually riding, but since this arrangement lends itself so fantastically to Snippets sessions, I updated it and published a remix as one of the new Synfire examples.


Energetic jazz fusion IDM track

By duderanch

I created the bass and synth parts in SFP 2. the drums were made by playing in phrases on my edrums then importing them into Songwish Remidi2. I realized later that the (...)


Forest Journey music cinematic

By Ruchir

Hi All. My latest composition, my first using Synfire 2.0. I've mashed up some trailer video clips from one of my fav movies currently playing, like a rescore study. Grateful for your (...)


Undulations music cinematic

By Ruchir

Hi all. Thought I'd do one final music video using Synfire before my Storyblocks subscription runs out. This one is an orchestral piece and a celebration of our shared humanity. 6 January (...)