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The Music Prototyping Studio
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About software updates, patches, surveys and minor news that don't justify publishing a full-blown news article.

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About discoveries, thoughts and ideas you want to share. Here you can introduce yourself and your projects and ask other users for general advice. Consider writing a blog post if you want to show your music and discuss workflow ideas.

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About installing and configuring Synfire, using device descriptions, plug-ins, sounds, controllers, playing ranges, synchronization with drones, compatibility with other software, DAWs and plug-ins, etc.
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About keys, scales and chords and the theory of harmony in general. How to edit a Harmony parameter and use the Catalog. How to use Factories to generate chord progressions. How to use Interpretation settings to control harmony, etc.
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About importing, generating, recording and collecting phrases in libraries and how to edit and organize them. How to use parameters and Interpretation settings. How to develop rhythms and grooves. Basically about everything you can do inside a single container and a library, except harmony.

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About building a song structure and narrative with containers. How to create textures (patterns), moods, build-ups, climaxes (choruses), contrasts. Also known as songwriting. Basically about everything you can do to breathe life into your music beyond running a single container in loops.
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About music you are currently working on, first attempts and asking for opinions and advice. If you have completed a project that you want to expose in the long-term, consider writing a blog post.

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Locker vom Hocker, das ist auf Englisch manchmal nicht so leicht. In diesem Forum wird Deutsch gesprochen.
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Things you want to see added, changed or removed in future versions
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Things that don't yet work and that we should look into.
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About this website and user community

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About this website, how to use it and where to find what.
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HN2 has been discontinued in favor of its successor Synfire Sparks. These forums are kept for HN2 users still out there.
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Forum for all things related to Harmony Navigator.
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Things that don't work (as expected)
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Discussion board for users of the free MIDI utility
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Everything related to Akai EWI USB Control goes here.
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