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My new music video - Carrion Song

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Made using Synfire 2.0

Again using AI generated art, motionized in MotionLeap


Mi., 23.11.2022 - 20:59 Permalink

Oh wow, thanks for that blacksun. Can I ask what you liked best about this one?

Do., 24.11.2022 - 01:47 Permalink

Very difficult to say as my command of adjectives and ability to get out in words what's in my head/heart has always been poor, but I'll try. From a high level, it would not be out place if i heard it in a cinema. Starts out haugtingly beautiful and develops quite slowly. I love long build ups that throw interesting twists in and this piece does that too. Not sure if you tried to fit the video to the music or the other way round, but the two work well together. The change to an arabian/asian influence just as the desert scenes appear worked really well, kind of inspired. The whole thing gives a sense of brooding menace and that vocal has such a longing to it.
Not sure i can comment on the use of harmony and such like, if i understood what made it sound so good to me from a technical view point, I'd be composing pieces like this myself!


Do., 24.11.2022 - 21:30 Permalink

Thanks Blacksun

BTW, it's dead easy to compose music like this, as I only used one chord the default C Major. Everything else was conformed to fit or clash using the samples and vocals. More like DJ'ing really!

I'd love to showcase all this in a Synfire webinar if anyone would be interested.

Fr., 25.11.2022 - 09:27 Permalink

I'd love to showcase all this in a Synfire webinar if anyone would be interested.

Sure, man. Me too!


So., 27.11.2022 - 03:59 Permalink

I'm not an existing Synfire user -- in fact, I came here looking to see if a Black Friday offer had been posted to members, as my eye has been on it for a while. 

I decided to register just to observe what a great job you did on this. It's fantastic -- a lot of hard work went into it. Keep it up!

Di., 27.12.2022 - 23:33 Permalink

Very well done, you seem to have perfected your craft.  I have to admit that the video production was as interesting as the music!

Mi., 28.12.2022 - 00:58 Permalink

That's really kind of you.

As mentioned above, I'd be very happy to hop into a Synfire webinar this week, if anyone would be interested, to talk through to this and find out more about your approaches using Synfire.

Mi., 28.12.2022 - 09:45 Permalink

Unfortunately I'm not at home (haven't been for several months), so I most likely can't participate. Generally I like the idea of a webinar very much.