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Penny Lane - Lennon McCartney


Here is a version of The Beatles - Penny Lane.  I used SFP to create the picallo, harpsichord and a few other parts.  Although it is not one of my top favorite tunes, I have to marvel at the perfection of Paul McCartney's writing and arranging. He conceived of the orchestral parts and would sing them to George Martin and together they would flesh out the arrangement.  


Penny Lane:





Penny Lane Score:



Fr., 12.07.2013 - 20:32 Permalink

It proves again your arrangement Mark that arranging of classics popsongs is rewarding
I like the tune of this beatles song( well i grew up with and it has still his charm/attraction )

Paul McCartney is a fantastic performer and gifted songwriter.. i am like him too.
Long time ago i had some of his albums when he was solo.  

I like to see more articulated instruments ( if possible ) too
Thanks Mark for this nice song!

So., 14.07.2013 - 11:58 Permalink

I'd like to see a short historical documentary filmed at Liverpool showing how the old city, the district and the port have evolved from the sixties. It'd start with the original Penny Lane. But for the footage of the present time this arrangement is perfect.


Sorry, I cannot curb my imgination :toobad: